Schemas: the good, the bad and the reconstructed

There’s a lot of talk about memory in education. Until fairly recently, no one really seemed to be talking about schemas in relation to teaching; now they’re everywhere! The only time I encountered them formally was when looking at Piaget as part of my training. As a Psychology teacher they’re very familiar to me, althoughContinue reading “Schemas: the good, the bad and the reconstructed”

From the engine room to the bridge: Should HoDs be steering the ship?

Heads of Department (HoDs) or subject leaders are often described as the engine room of a school. They do the heavy lifting (it’s a curious coincidence that the word ‘hod’ in a more everyday sense is something used to carry big piles of bricks!) and keep the school running. They often act as a bufferContinue reading “From the engine room to the bridge: Should HoDs be steering the ship?”

How Twitter changed my life: Reflections on becoming evidence-informed

As we returned to school last week, lots of people shared their reflections on remote learning; what they might have learned from this and what they might take into their practice back in the classroom. As I packed away my ‘virtual classroom’ I took the opportunity to tidy some shelves and reflected on the largeContinue reading “How Twitter changed my life: Reflections on becoming evidence-informed”

The road to accountability hell is paved with good CPD intentions

Here’s what sometimes keeps me awake at night. It’s 2 years from now and I’m having a meeting with the deputy head (my line manager). “So Paul, you’ve been in this role for 3 years now, what have you got to show for it? I’m not sure I can see that our results have massivelyContinue reading “The road to accountability hell is paved with good CPD intentions”

Are exams fair?

I love a good competitive cooking show for some easy TV and right now Britain’s Best Home Cook (Celebrity version) is filling that slot nicely. The format is simple, three rounds each week. The first is the ‘ultimate’ (a burger, fish supper, pie, chocolate dessert) where the judges each nominate their favourite cook. Next it’sContinue reading “Are exams fair?”

In Defence of the New

It’s INSET day. You’re sitting in the hall and a member of staff, perhaps someone from SLT, is presenting. They’ve done some reading, and want to share their ideas with everyone. This will fit with our school development plan, improve our student outcomes, and make your life easier. What’s not to like?! How you respondContinue reading “In Defence of the New”

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